Mobile Activities and Events for COVID-Era Excursions

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As the pandemic continues, so does our hunt for activities that are enjoyable yet safe. One of the things we’ve sorely missed during this period of isolation is mobility. The good news is that we can have socially distanced mobility with our vehicle of choice. Whether it’s our cars, rented RVs, or boats, we still have many options for safe outdoor fun! As long as you limit the people in your party to just the ones that you’re quarantining with, you’ll be able to combine fun and safety on your trip. Here are a few ideas.

Drive-in and drive-thru events

Drive-in cinemas, concerts, and shows have made a comeback during the pandemic. For example, during the Christmas season, there were many drive-thru Christmas lights and caroling events around the country. HBO’s hit show Lovecraft Country hosted a drive-in event for its season 1 finale. Los Angeles’ Paramount drive-in was dressed up in 1950s-themed decor. Hosts and ushers dolled up in the era’s attire – but with face masks – in tune with the show’s setting.

Drive-thru events are also increasing in popularity outside of fast-food chains. You can avail of drive-thru medical services such as COVID-19 testing.

Drive-in and drive-thru events are only possible with a vehicle, of course, so have your Porsche repaired before you hit the road.

Camping or road trip

Rent an RV or a trailer that you can tow with your car. You can also bring your car and use some choice tools to elevate it to a campsite. The Skycamp 2.0 by iKamper is a deluxe tent that uses your car as a mount. It comes with a ladder so you can climb up to its comfortable sleeping quarters that can sleep up to 4 people on its king-size mattress. There are zip-up slots that act as windows and a sky roof so you can fall asleep under the stars. The set is easy to set up and entirely collapsible for maximum convenience and portability. As a more budget-friendly option, you can also bring along an inflatable car bed.


Whether you bring an RV or your car, make sure to pack some essentials. Bring a first aid kit. This travel-sized one from Johnson & Johnson is complete with gauze pads, cleansing wipes, antibiotic cream, and many more. And because it’s still winter, you need to be prepared for any issues caused by the snow. An emergency roadside tool kit will save you from any car breakdowns in the middle of a snowy landscape. It comes with a jumper cable set compatible with many different types of vehicles, traction ropes, tire repair tools, and more.


As a form of nature, the sea is good for us. There’s a truth behind the phrase “vitamin sea.” In the olden days, doctors often recommended that their patients live by the seaside for some time for their recovery. The sea is good for those of us with skin conditions and respiratory issues. Ocean water also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also benefits our mental health by decreasing levels of anxiety and depression.

Rent a boat for the weekend and go fishing, swimming, and boating with your household. You could also live in a houseboat or floating home. This has the potential to be a big trend. But there’s a difference between a houseboat and a floating home. A houseboat is a boat with an engine that you can move to different locations. On the other hand, a floating home is a house that sits on the water by way of a floatation base. It also stays in its spot as it does not have an engine to move it and has walkways that connect it back to land. These are the homes made famous by the hit film Sleepless in Seattle.

Houseboats have their pros and cons. The biggest advantage is that they can move. You might assume that it’s less expensive to live in a houseboat, but there are many hidden costs. One is in maintenance and repair. For instance, you’ll constantly need to ensure that the interiors of the boat are dry to prevent water damage. Marine gasoline is also costly. You also need to be experienced in manning a boat if you want to live in a houseboat. If you aren’t, then you should bring along someone who is. Handling a boat with inexperienced hands can be very costly and even dangerous.

There are still many ways to have fun outdoors while observing social distancing. Just make sure to limit your party to a small number of people, and preferably those you’ve been quarantining with.

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