Car Customization: Why Should You Bother?

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Customizing the parts of your car is something that not everyone appreciates. There are many reasons why people go for car customization. Each of them might sound peculiar but ultimately understandable when explained. Year in and year out, millions of U.S. dollars get spent on car customization by Millennials.

According to a report by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, it is estimated that at least $7 billion a year are spent for car customization and restoration. It is not surprising that the amount spent on customization has increased over the past few years. The millennials have the extra income to spend on the activities they want and enjoy as they grow older.

An average person spends around $850 a year on car maintenance and repairs. Car customization is netting an average of more than that amount. Based on calculations, an average car customization enthusiast spends around a thousand dollars per year on customization. The number is spread across different types of parts customization.

Why do people customize their cars? Why do people bother with it?


Overall, car aesthetics is the central theme of why people customize their cars. According to famous car forums, the overall appearance of a vehicle matters first and foremost for car customizers. When you see a car for the first time, only the external appearance and impression matter. You will never get to see how fast a car is, how loud it is when revved up, or how personalized it is until you enter it. Impression matters when you see a vehicle.

Similar to seeing a painting for the first time, a car’s aesthetics can make you feel differently — may it be disgust or wonder. Looks matter at the end of the day.


Personalization is one of the secondary reasons why people bother with customizing their vehicles. Some people despise stock cars straight from the manufacturer. By personalizing the car to their liking, they make the car that they brought their own. Like the reason people install an auto tint on their windows, the vehicle becomes personal, private, and endearing with whatever auto mod is installed. Even upgrading the stock bumper or the lights to halogen ones can make the car unlike no one else’s.

Saving Money

To save money, people customize their engines. Some believe that stock cars are not efficient enough for commercial use. Some opt to maximize the gains they receive from their vehicle by making their engines more fuel-efficient. Fuel efficiency is a big deal for even average car enthusiasts.

If spending a bit more can make them save money in the long-term, car customizers go for it. Similar to spa treatments, car muscles are loosened, untightened, and let go to make them more susceptible to the full blast of gasoline. The intake system of the engine is also improved to get the most out of each drop of fuel.

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Customizing a car is fun for a lot of people. Some liken the feeling of customizing a vehicle to the feeling of customizing their own toys when they were little. It is truly endearing to attach the meaning of a toy to a car, albeit it is a much more expensive plaything.

Car customization is fun because you have complete control of your vehicle. Dressing it up with whatever you like is extremely satisfying for owners and professional customizers alike. To see your car to its perceived maximum potential is pleasurable.


Some enter car customization to enter them into the fast lane. Car customization has been attached to stock car drag racing in general because of popular culture. The Fast and Future movie franchise has been the leading proponent of stock car customization around the world.

More people are invested and interested in the underground scene of stock car drag racing no matter where you go. Enthusiasts and race drivers customize their cars to make them faster and more efficient while weighing far less than their stock weight. Racing has always been attached to automobiles. Auto modders or customizers have struck gold with those with this kind of interest.


Lastly, car customization is an excellent point of topic for socialization. Almost everybody loves cars. It is challenging to find someone who hates cars. Anywhere you go, someone will be interested in asking about your customized vehicle.  A customized car is a great ice breaker to have. It is inevitable for other car enthusiasts to come and ask about the specifics of your car. Through the customized car, strangers are easily connected.

There’s more to customizing one’s car besides making it look better. With these ideas, you have a better understanding of personalizing your vehicle.

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