(Not So) Secret Spots in Singapore You Should Not Miss

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Singapore offers many beautiful and amazing places that will fill your mind and heart with experiences and memories. If you’ll have the chance to visit this country, you may consider going around using a rental car.

Aside from getting away from the bustling crowd and busy schedule of trains and buses, you will have all the freedom to check out these great places that you have never heard before. A private hire or car rental company in Singapore provides personal transport service at your discretion.

The Parkview Museum

This museum is just two blocks away from the famous Bugis MRT station and it occupies the iconic Art Deco-Style Parkview Square‘s 3rd floor with a total space of 1,400 sq m. Visiting this museum will give you the chance to see the showcase of contemporary art. Feed yourself with thought-provoking artworks that highlight the value of conserving the ocean. Everyone can visit the museum for free.


If you get the chance to go around the Kranji Countryside, you will find a surprising sanctuary called Gardenasia. The place covers more than two hectares of beautiful greenery. Gardenasia comprises a bistro, farm, and remodeled British colonial villas that come in black and white shade. This farm will offer you fresh air with its fruit trees and herb gardens. The bistro can serve you delicious dishes featuring their freshly harvested ingredients.

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Singapore parkYou don’t need to go too far with your rental car because this Pearl’s Hill City Park can be found behind the district of Chinatown. To appreciate the park, travelers and visitors need to climb a stair that will lead to a summit. At the top, they can enjoy the tranquil oasis of Pearl’s Hill Reservoir.

Built during 1898, this structure is responsible for the water supply of Chinatown up to today. The mature tembusu trees’ shade gives you a relaxing atmosphere while the white and pink blooms of frangipani trees offer a sweet and calming scent.

Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant

For those who are looking for a different taste in Singapore, this Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant is a perfect place. Before heading to the place, make sure you booked your table and the 10-minute roundtrip pump boat ride, so you can enjoy a fresh seafood dinner. There is more for the guests aside from the tasty foods. As you stroll on the decks of this modern aquaculture farm, you will see how lobsters, flower crabs, grouper, sea bass, and other seafood are farmed.

You also have the chance to try fishing and catch your dinner. As the sun sets, you can fill your stomach and feel the breeze of the sea.

Jubilee Coffee House and Bar

For those who want to sip a cup of coffee in a quaint restaurant, you can head to Jubilee Coffee House and Bar. It is located in Changi and features an old bungalow with complete stone tables, stools, and a vintage Volkswagen Beetle that is perfect for your Instagram feed. Checking this place will make you feel like you are visiting the house of your grandparents. Check out the menu and you’ll feel the need to fill your stomach.

Singapore, despite its busy streets, will have many surprises for those who are looking for leisure. Forget about what you can see on the Internet and go around with the rental car; you are sure to find a great spot for you and your company.

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