Boating in the Land Down Under: 9 Destinations for Your Summer Getaway


There are more than two million Aussies who have a boat license, something which the Boating Industry Association is proud of. And every year, thousands more register to get a new license.

It doesn’t matter whether you simply want to visit and take a vacation or you’re a boater to the core; there’s something for everyone at Australia’s top waterfront destinations.

With 34,000 kilometers of coastline, you won’t go short of oceanic destinations to go to in Australia this coming summer. In fact, Geoscience Australia shares that 50% of its residents live within seven kilometers of various coastal infrastructures — historic wharf precincts, trendy marinas, super luxurious berths, nature-centric boat ramps, diverse coasts, and global ports — the Land Down Under has it all. No wonder it’s a nation of boaters.

Get your boat ready. If you don’t, borrow it from a friend or hire one. Here are some destinations along Australia’s coast where you can take a cruise this summer.

Shark Bay, Coral Bay, and Exmouth (Western Australia)

Shark Bay, Coral Bay, and Exmouth are found in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, just north of Perth. If you go there now, consider staying until the summer months come. The area is a popular destination from June to September for people who want to escape the colder southern part of the country.

These boating destinations can accommodate both small and big boats. They have excellent marine facilities where you can leave your boat while taking the kids to see the dolphins at the Monkey Mia Conservation Park. In general, though, these destinations are known for their islands and diverse wildlife. You can make family adventures more exciting.

For big boat owners and thrill-seekers, this area is a favorite, too. Farther up north, they get to take their boat to the Top End (in the Northern Territory) to cross from Western Australia to Queensland.

Sydney Harbor (New South Wales)

Sydney Harbor, a first-class natural harbor, is one of the most popular boating destinations in the country. It has a large waterway that allows boats to cruise the harbor.

You’ll get breathtaking views of the Sydney CBD, Harbor Bridge, and the famous Opera House. It offers a scenic route for you and your family.

Offshore, the harbor houses several marinas that cater to everybody’s needs. There are fine-dining and casual restaurants, water taxi access, recreational areas, and many other facilities and services.

The harbor also hosts many water sports and activities. Thus, you and your family will never get bored. To get some harbor getaway ideas for sports and activities, check out the city’s official tourism website.


Mornington Pier (Victoria)

Mornington Pier, on the Mornington Peninsula, is a great alternative to the Docklands. Although there are also many water activities in the Mornington harbor, the ambiance is more catered to leisurely escapes.

At the pier, you can experience dining on the water’s edge at the clubhouse restaurant. Fresh from the catch, fish and shellfish are also served at the pier’s seafood restaurant.

Its harbor is also home to many boaters and fishing charters because of its sheltered deep waters. You can also find the Mornington Yacht Club providing a safe berth for yachts at the pier.

If you want to go on a relaxing leisure cruise, head on to Mornington.

River Derwent (Tasmania)

Don’t forget Tasmania. Like any other state in the country, the island also has something to offer to boaters. If you want a unique boating adventure, one that’s less traveled, go to River Derwent.

River Derwent, whose banks once sheltered Tasmanian Aborigines, flows through Hobart City, the state’s largest city. It’s a one-of-a-kind boating destination because it offers both scenic city and nature routes. It is, however, more popular for offering a wild river adventure to its visitors.

River Derwent hosts water sports and activities, including water skiing, sailing, and recreational boating. In fact, the Tasmanian government provides first-class boating facilities for those who want to visit. The use of their boat ramps is also for free.

Port Douglas (Queensland)

The tropical town of Port Douglas is home to the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina. Found in the northernmost part of the port, it is the doorway to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the perfect destination for boaters who love to go on scuba diving.

Birks Harbour and Port Lincoln Marina (South Australia)

And don’t forget the coast south of the country. You can enjoy a luxurious cruise at the Birks Harbor in the Fleurieu Peninsula. Through the harbor, you can also access the country’s designated wetlands site: Coorong Wilderness and two beautiful lakes, Albert and Alexandrina.

Or you can go on a seafood adventure in Port Lincoln. Home to one of the country’s largest fishing fleets, it offers a wide variety of seafood you can buy and take home.

Hassle-Free Boating Holiday

Before heading out, make sure to prepare everything you need. Navigation guides, safety equipment, food, water, communication devices, and first-aid kit must all be on the boat days before you leave.

Have a safe trip!

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