13 Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

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With Christmas just around the corner, have you had time to look for the perfect gift for your favorite motorhead? While it would be a great thing to get their cars in innovative automotive paint booths and give them a fresh new paint job and pimp their cars up, budget-wise, most of us can’t afford that.

So, we have listed down a few choice alternatives that will make your car lover buddy jump for joy when he or she opens your gift.

  1. The Porsche Book

If you have a friend who either owns a Porsche or is obsessed with one, this is the perfect gift for him. Filled with awesome pics of different Porsche models against stunning backgrounds and loads of information, what more could he ask for?

  1. Car Calendars

It may be simple but it’s one of those things that are enough to make any motorhead giddy. Several great car calendars showcase some of the most stunning car photos that you can enjoy for an entire year. Chose one from the many choices and make your buddy happy all year long.

  1. SureCan

Don’t you just find it inconvenient to go on a long trip and run low on gas with no refill in sight for miles? We’ll bet your pal will appreciate a storage can that lets him store fuel and refill his tank with ease.

  1. Gimbal Palm Ratchet by GearWrench

Busted knuckles are now officially a thing of the past. This one-of-a-kind ratchet will probably be the handiest tool your buddy will ever have and need. It’s especially helpful in getting those hard-to-reach bolts tightened.

  1. Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam

With the ability to record what’s happening in front of the car and inside it simultaneously, this dual dash cam makes for a great gift for any driver. With plenty of amazing features, this one is a sure hit among all car enthusiasts.

  1. Drain Container

If your pal likes to DIY most of his car maintenance, he’ll probably appreciate this oil drain container. This makes draining and replacing fluids a lot easier and a lot less messy.

  1. Leather Driving Gloves

Driving gloves are a must for the hardcore motorhead. It keeps one’s hands clean and gives him a better grip on the steering wheel and the stick shift. While most driving gloves may seem okay, giving your pal a pair of leather driving gloves will make him feel more classy behind the wheel.

  1. Ferrari F1 Racer by Lego

Not all Legos are made equal. There are Legos for kids and then there are Legos made for the big boys. Get your buddy one of the more advanced Lego building kits that lets him create a scaled Ferrari F1 racer with working suspension and gears. He’ll have a blast putting it together, for sure.

  1. Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427 Model Kit

If your boy doesn’t have enough patience to work on a Lego kit with thousands of pieces, get him something equally fun but less complicated to put together like this Shelby Cobra 427 model kit. Once finished, it makes for a stunning display and centerpiece.

  1. Emergency Roadside Tool Kit

It might seem like an ordinary gift with nothing really special about it but every motorhead knows how important these kits are and how essential they are to always have in one’s car. ; Even if it isn’t as special as other gifts, your friend will definitely appreciate that you thought of his safety. That’s another way of telling him you’ve got his back.

  1. Large Blinking Traffic Light Lamp

Liven up your pal’s man cave or garage with a large traffic light lamp. You can turn it on and have it blink or light it up one color at a time. Either way, this is a fun piece that your friend will definitely go nuts about.

  1. Auto Repair for Dummies

By dummies, we don’t mean the intellectually-challenged. It simply pertains to people who aren’t as familiar with how things work under the hood. This is a great gift for first-time car owners or those who are working on getting their first car.

  1. Car Care Kit

Most hardcore car enthusiasts and owners prefer to give their cars their personal touch when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Why don’t you put together a car care kit made up of some of the best products that will make your friend’s ride looking fresh and new?

Do you have any other great gift ideas that didn’t make it to our list? Feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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